Making Christmas a little more GREEN

Every year when I wrap presents, I cringe a little. I know all of that wrapping paper will probably wind up in the trash. Some will be recycled, but it isn’t easy to recycle where I live and some gift wrap isn’t recyclable at all.

I’m already a rabid bow saver.

This is me if I see a nice bow or a reusable box going in the trash.

Image result for dive to catch the ball


So I started thinking about ways I could make the holidays a little more green, and craft some nice, reusable gift boxes and bows. As soon as I get my supplies together, I’ll be posting a video.

Of course, I’ll have to get my family and friends on board, but they already know I will dive into the trash to save a good bow.

Eco friendly wrapping paper.


Green Field Paper Company

Of the Earth


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