Guess what I got for Christmas? THE FLU

Which is why you have two blog posts from me on Christmas Day. My entire family is at my brother’s house two hours away (except my husband – he’s in the woods), and I’m sitting at home drinking coffee. Though I’m probably not contagious at this point, I didn’t want to risk spreading the plague to everyone else.

I started feeling like crap on last Thursday (Dec 14), the same day I had a job interview. Do you know how hard it was to not sniffle during that interview? I had the sniffles and a mild cough, but I thought it was my annual Christmas crud that I get every year. I laid around in bed all last weekend and even took off Monday. That should have been my first clue that something more sinister than a simple cold was brewing.

I spent the rest of the week feeling progressively worse and finally went to the clinic Friday for a swab when I could no longer hold my head up at work. Flu B positive. FUUUUUCK! I feel super guilty now, because I have no idea how many people I potentially exposed. The good news is, it’s the mildest flu I’ve ever had, of the three times in my life I’ve had it. I never even had a fever, but I did have fever sweats. It’s been a truly bizarre week-and-a-half. I think I started with a regular garden variety cold and just happened to get the flu on top of it. I’m talented like that. I managed to turn my fall allergy asthma flare into pleurisy last year.

Moral of the story: even if you don’t think it’s the flu, it might be. Headache, cough, sore throat, runny nose, with a side of “holy shit I’ve been hit by a small truck”.  If you suspect it is, and you have regular contact with immune compromised people, stay home or get a swab to be sure. Yes, I did get my flu shot this year, but reports have come out that it’s only up to 30% effective. I’ll take even that little bit if there’s a chance of lessening the symptoms or preventing the spread to people who can’t get the shot and/or really don’t need the flu.

I hope your holidays are better than mine have turned out to be. It’s bad enough that I’m missing Christmas at little brother’s house, but I may also miss the annual after-Christmas shopping trip with my daughter tomorrow depending on how I feel.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and here’s hoping for a better tomorrow and a bright New Year!

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