I have some exciting (to me) news!

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My video backdrop is on the way! Because I have a small house that is packed to the gills with…stuff, I need a backdrop for shooting video that will provide a clean canvas and hide all my crap. I wanted something plain, a neutral color, and collapsible (due to aforementioned small house).

All of my makeup is in my en suite bathroom, which admittedly is a decently sized bathroom for a small house, but I’m pretty sure a toilet behind me would be distracting at the very least. Who wants to watch 15 minutes of my toilet? I certainly don’t.

Enter the folding screen.

I may get another one to screen off the laundry room (an alcove, really) from the rest of the house after I’ve used this one for a while and the kitten grows up a bit and becomes less of an asshole.

I’m stalking my Amazon account and tracking the package. I have an LED star curtain coming too, and I cannot wait to set up and shoot my first on-camera video!

Image 1Mx1.5M 54 LED Star Curtain Lights String Light for Christmas Party Warm White