Walgreen’s Haul – okay, just a sale and bag of eye makeup

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I went into Walgreen’s today in search of eye shadow – specifically fun colors. I had over a dozen very pretty very neutral/plummy shades of eye shadow, and I was bored. I recently cleaned out my makeup drawer and threw away 75% of what was in there, so I needed to replace a bit of everything. I have had to replace the Naked3 palette that my daughter confiscated last year, and I was able to dupe it with a L’Oreal La Palette Nude Intense and a Wet N’ Wild Nude Awakening. Between the two I have all the shades I loved in Naked3, and quite a few more to boot.

Today I got this.

I think the final total was $68. Some of the products were BOGO 50% off, and I had points. I’ve dropped $54 on a single palette before (I try to catch the more expensive ones on sale), so I was pretty happy when she finished ringing up my basket. The singles are L-R Purple Daze, Acid Rain, and Teal the Deal. Those dual colored tubes are a combination of cream eye shadow and glitter liner. PSA: If you are going to use the glitter on your eyes, wash it off in the shower. Glitter in the eye is no fun.

I really like the City Mini Palettes. Top to bottom here are Urban Jungle, Downtown Sunrise, and Graffiti Pop.

I popped the plastic trays out in their entirety to go into my MAC palette. Some of the shadows had hairline cracks, but I pressed them back down with a little alcohol, and all seems to be well. I have a feeling I’ll get more use out of the Graffiti Pop, just because those are my colors.

Urban Jungle is probably going to be my NYE palette. The greens aren’t quite as green as they appear in the pan, and the shimmer is very nice.

And finally, this one is more neutral than I expected and it’s much warmer than what I usually wear. I can probably intensify the color with a bit of building. If you’re going for a warm, rosy look, this one is perfect.

As you can see, my palette is pretty full. Had  I left these in their compacts my makeup drawer would be ridiculous right now. The neutral side is NOT in original palette order, and I apologize to anyone this bothers. There’s a Naked Smoky palette in there somewhere… Pay no mind to the broken plum shadow at the bottom. GRRR.

Just how many shades of vanilla are there, anyway?


This poor little one is hanging out on the divider. I ran out of room! The shadows were pressed directly into the plastic pan, so they had to be pried out intact.

The great thing about the MAC duo palettes is the depth of the tray. They are meant to hold inserts, but I cut adhesive sheet magnets to size and made my own magnetic palette. At $8 each, you really can’t beat the price. And yeah, there’s a small mirror glued to the other side of the divider.

I think I’ve replaced most of the colors I had before, but if I run up on another deal I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist!